Technical questions

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Technical questions
Technical questions
Dear Friends!
Here below you can find our Manual to help you sign up on our web site  :D

At first, you should press button Форум- means Forum, then under the word ФОРУМЫ find a button ВОЙТИ which means to LOG IN. After that a special form of registration will be open and on the last line press РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ- means Sign Up.

On new page you'll find out a simple form of registration: (translation in order of appearance of lines)

Логин - Nickname/Login

- Password

Повторите пароль
- Repeat the Password


- First name

- Surname

Дата рождения
- Birhday (you can use the calendar to choose your birthday)

- City

Введите слово на картинке - Write down the word from the picture

And after that press РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ - means Sign Up
Done. Do not wait for any message or confirmation. Just go to the section "Forum" and write your message. You can attach to your text  photos and movies.  
Should you have any problem with registration and/or with other procedures on this web site please do not hesitate to keep us informed about. Just send us e-mail message to  and we will do our best to be helpful. Thank you.

Best Regards,

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